Weefgetouw Custom

Made in Holland


Welcome to Brink & Campman! Creativity, craftsmanship and a keen eye for design are the ingredients where our high quality rugs are already being made of for decades onwards. Most of our rugs are manufactured in our factory in Lichtenvoorde, inspired by both tradition and innovation, made in Holland! In addition, we work with carefully selected manufacturers from all over the world to develop complementing qualities and techniques, resulting in the versatile rug collection where Brink & Campman is known for. collectionmore about us


Design Studio Custom

Designed in Holland


Whether the rugs are made in Holland or abroad, all Brink & Campman rugs originated from its own design studio in Lichtenvoorde.  Our designers develop the unique collection range, starting with a nice yarn, inspired by the latest trends or the fascination for technical possibilities. Curious what the design studio creates and where it is inspired by? Follow us on Instagram!! instagram


Our brands


Additional to the extensive Brink & Campman collection, rug collections for renowned brands from the fashion and interior industry are designed and manufactured by us as well. The design studio collaborates with these brands’ designers, resulting in characteristic collections full of iconic designs that will uplift any interior!

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